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Project "OLD STEEL" 46 ford

Discussion in 'Showin' Off - Readers Rides' started by ionizer, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    Starting this for all my friends and fam because the site I am currently using for project build requires registration. sorry pics are so big but if you hold ctrl key and mouse wheel you can resize.

    1946 ford on a highboy frame
    390, c6 and a 205
    14.9x24 tractors on dana front and rear (until I break it and put in rockwells)

    its 60 years old and shows it.. nothing but body work since I got her home... but its been fun buying parts for it in the meantime.

    46ford_1.jpg 46ford_2.jpg 46ford_3.jpg 46ford_4.jpg 46ford_4.jpg 46ford_6.jpg 46ford_7.jpg 46ford_8.jpg 46ford_9.jpg 46ford_10.jpg 46ford_11.jpg 46ford_12.jpg 46ford_13.jpg 46ford_14.jpg 46ford_15.jpg 46ford_16.jpg hood_1.jpg hood_2.jpg
  2. Rockford514.

    Rockford514. Active Member

    KILLER build
  3. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    14.9-24 tires arriving Friday

    46ford_17.jpg tires.jpg tires01.jpg
  4. cb12

    cb12 New Member

    Sweet!!! Keep pics coming!!
  5. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    46ford_172.jpg here is the latest pic.. have done a bit more work since. the bed is slid forward now and mounted. fenders are almost mounted. beer keg fuel cell going in soon. 46ford_20.jpg
  6. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    new pics 6-24
  7. ionizer

    ionizer New Member

    At RYC early 2013. next 4 link, 2.5 ton, Cyclone drop box, big shocks-Coil overs RYC-2013.PNG
  8. Comanche1

    Comanche1 Member

    this is an awesome build!!!

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