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Pavo Ga mud bog dates

Discussion in 'Event Info & Trash Talkin'' started by cowboyengel, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. cowboyengel

    cowboyengel Member

    hey there are two upcoming Pavo Ga mud bogs right around the corner. The first is saturday February 27th which will just be an all out bog and the other one will be the third weekend of April which will have the mud bog along with the mud races like they did this past New Years. All size trucks are welcome and should come out for a great time in south Ga. Lets get a roll call started for those of you wanting to come. I know my truck and a jeep from Rome Ga will be there, who else......
  2. jasonv

    jasonv Member

    I might come to the 27th one
  3. Mighty Whitey

    Mighty Whitey Active Member

    you and Jay gonna come to the Puddin Creek in March?
  4. cowboyengel

    cowboyengel Member

    yeah I am taking my truck for sure and I pretty much have his panty a$$ convinced too. We will all have to get together and head down there together. I saw your kelly grade photos and all I have to say is damn it looks more like a lake down there these days.
  5. cowboyengel

    cowboyengel Member

    jason where are you out of?
  6. Mighty Whitey

    Mighty Whitey Active Member

    Amen to that I knew something was wrong when there was water coming in around the doors and up through the floorboards..... :shock:
  7. coonbottom

    coonbottom Active Member

    He is out of Colquitt, Ga ..ish.

    I might make April. I am kinda "meh" on Pavo. Some really good mud there but the place just doesn't do it for me.

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