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NEW kelderman 4-link air ride lift kit Chevy 3-15"

Discussion in 'Misc Parts & Tools for Sale' started by VF-124, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. VF-124

    VF-124 Member

    Brand new. paid 15k.

    remember this is brand new full kit.

    Kelderman 4-link air ride lift kit Chevy 3-15" lift, air bag system

    This kit is for 2001 and newer 2500hd & 3500hd chevy 4x4
    the kit has never been installed. and cost $15,000

    The Kelderman 4-link air ride systems for the rear axle allows for an improved ride when empty and loaded, increased carrying capacity, and a level ride. By removing the factory leaf springs and replacing them with the kelderman 4 link your truck will now be riding 100% on air, like the big rigs.
    The kit comes standard with an air compressor with an air tank and that will supply air to height control valves located on each side. This will keep your bed level even when it is not loaded evenly. An optional dump valve is available.

    comes with 4-links air bags pumps 8 blisteen shocks stc.

    total specs can be found at

    Kelderman Air Ride has recently developed an air ride lift kit for 2001 & newer 2500HD Chevrolet/GMC Duramax trucks. On the front, we are converting the truck over to a straight-front making it possible to use our heavy duty 4-link design similar to what is used on Fords and Dodges. This is not a typical straight axle conversion! This new suspension system completely removes the front axle replacing it with a Dana 60.

    The rear factory leaf springs are also replaced with a heavy duty, four-link Kelderman designed Air Ride suspension that allows the truck to ride 100% on cushioned air. The 4-link system is very durable and eliminates the wheel hop that is found with the factory leaf springs. This is a bolt on kit that requires minimal cutting and/or drilling.

    Because we are on air, the kits allow the truck to ride at different heights. For example, a 6" lift kit can go from raising the truck 3" (no air in the bags) to almost 12" (air maxed out and shocks topped out.) This allows you to travel in air ride comfort going down the road, and then raise your truck up another 4-5" while parked!

    Options include Bilstein shocks as well as various control systems.

    * Kits come standard with front & rear sway bar kits, hydraulic ram assist steering, steering arm, steering box, indexing ring, slip yoke eliminator and front drive shaft
    * Designed to fit up to 40" tires

    This kit has the addition of extra air tank (2 total)

    This kit has the addition of 2 extra rear shock (4 shock kit)

    You can pick up localy with a trailer or u-haul truck etc. a pick up truck cannot handle it. aprox 1800lb 4ft x 6 ft x 4 ft box.

    freight must be set up by you. I will bubble wrap every part and plywood box it and pallet it for $250.00
  2. VF-124

    VF-124 Member

  3. chrisfletcher

    chrisfletcher Member

    So, outta curiosity what are you looking to get for a price?
  4. VF-124

    VF-124 Member


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