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Monster/ride/mud truck for sale $8500

Discussion in 'Mud Trucks/Monster Trucks' started by Jer, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Jer

    Jer Member

    It is a 1986 chevy monster truck 33" of lift, 2 1/2 tons with pinion brakes and a welded rear end. 350 motor and th350/np203/np200. it has a 10 gal fuel cell with an electric fuel pump. it also has full hydraulic steering. it has 2 goodyear and 2 firestone monster truck tires and rims. 4 18.1/26 tractor tires with the rockwell bolt pattern and it comes with 5 23.1/26 tractor tires without centers in them. 6 brand new racing seats from jegs. electric fan and a flex fan. autometer guages. b&m ratchet shifter. the only reason i'm selling this is because i need cash for my new toy so sorry no trades. i'm looking to get $8500 but money talks right now so shoot me an offer!!! thanks for looking! let me know if you have any other questions.

    2010-05-29121148.jpg 2010-05-29095445.jpg 2009-2010054.jpg IMG_3312.jpg Jeremystruck187.jpg Jeremystruck184.jpg Jeremystruck021.jpg
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  2. xsgtjarhead

    xsgtjarhead Active Member

    love it but kinda far freee bump 4 ya
  3. kefects

    kefects New Member

    can you pm me your number.
  4. Jer

    Jer Member

    few deals fell through so its still for sale :!:
  5. b.a.b mudd racing

    b.a.b mudd racing Active Member

    good looking truck good luck on the sale. is that 4 link with leaf springs. hows does that work
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  6. SUPERMAN0520

    SUPERMAN0520 Member


    pm me your phone number please
  7. dritrider14

    dritrider14 New Member

    how much for the 23.1x26 what ply.

    how much for the 23.1x26 what ply.
  8. Jason.

    Jason. Active Member

    Kinda wondering that myself, damn good looking truck, don't really like how those leafsprings are made, but the rest of the truck makes up for it.
  9. Jer

    Jer Member

    Re: how much for the 23.1x26 what ply.

    $8500 and you get everything. sorry just want to get rid of it all. bought a full blown monster truck so need the cash. thanks for looking.
  10. Jer

    Jer Member

    pretty much all the 4 link is for just keeping the axles in place. thanks!
  11. wetterthebetter

    wetterthebetter Active Member

    got a powerstroke on 2.5 tons if your interested
  12. Jer

    Jer Member

    sorry man but no just need the cash.

    FASTQUAD Member

    i wish you were closer to fla
  14. matt roberts

    matt roberts Member

  15. REALTREEninja

    REALTREEninja New Member

    arent worried bout bending the link bars and cradle?
    looks like really small dom man..but the truck looks great!
  16. Jer

    Jer Member

    thanks! not worried cause the suspension moves very little.
  17. dukecitydevil

    dukecitydevil New Member

    do you still have the truck
  18. Jdub79j

    Jdub79j New Member

    Still for sale
  19. buddah

    buddah Member

    nice truck
  20. buddah

    buddah Member

    trade u a 2006 polaris sportsman 800 realtree edition on 27s siverbacks and a 1988 toyota 4x4 on 36 inch ground hawgs already strait axeled and is a dd everyday

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