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Homemade chaindrive dropbox

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by aleeve420, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. aleeve420

    aleeve420 New Member

    I know there is a million threads already out there, but i want to start a new one instead of having to chase down all the ones out there, i've already started building mine so i more so just want to see how everyone else has done it, and what works and what doesnt.
  2. ape902

    ape902 Member

    get some pics on the go
  3. chad5005

    chad5005 Active Member

    ive done them 2 ways either with adjustable pillar block bearings on the bottom or with a adjustable tensioner according to the length of drop
  4. tallhoedude

    tallhoedude Active Member

    very interested here,been lookin for some decent
    build pics to get some ideas and make sure my ideas will work.

    ive found really affordable parts at surpluscenter.com.
  5. k5withrocks

    k5withrocks Member

    wheres the pics,thought about doing this myself also!
  6. Iron Man

    Iron Man New Member

    Something I want to know also... I have never opened up an np241 or anything else chain driven !!! Can someone post up pics what size chain is in those things to get an idea of size can hold what kind of power ?

    Would good thick HD motor cycle chain be comparable to whats in those stock ford transfer cases ? Or is the chain different all together ?
  7. Rockford514.

    Rockford514. Active Member

    The chains are about 2" wide and look like a BIG stock timing chain.

    I have a junk BW t-case in the shop if you want pics
  8. tallhoedude

    tallhoedude Active Member

    i have been told double 80 chain is best to use.

    ive seen smaller on some big hp tractor pullin setups.
  9. Iron Man

    Iron Man New Member

  10. tonka tester

    tonka tester Active Member

  11. Iron Man

    Iron Man New Member

    That almost looks like bicycle chain !!! I wouldnt trust that ! You should see what a turbo busa at only 500 lbs can do to a stock chain !

    I would want that 2" stuff, but can you cut that stuff and make it longer ? How is it connected together ?
  12. JD@CFDP

    JD@CFDP Member

    We have a guy here locally the builds them hes been doing them for 20+ years call me if you want his number. but his are enclosed in a aluminum case and its a kicka** setup
  13. Iron Man

    Iron Man New Member

    Sure, PM send me his number I would love to see what he says holds up and what doesnt.
  14. demented561

    demented561 New Member

  15. Babymoot

    Babymoot Member

    I found some 1 3/4 10 spline shaft for $100 for a 12 inch piece so you would need two. But then you can run the SCS yokes and i'm gonna have the sprokets brouched out to that 10 spline and you could make if kindof quick change if you build it right. Wouldnt be as quick as an SCS but you can do it. I'm using triple 60 chain or double 80 would be good too. One guy around here runs a setup with 1 1/4'' shaft with a 1/4'' key and it holds behind 800hp and 57''R2's for like 10 years now. I wouldnt trust just a key but somehow it holds.
  16. ape902

    ape902 Member

    would the yokes on the case spin the correct way for the axles? im thinking about building one but ill be useing eaton axles and the front is reverse rotation..
  17. studlybilly

    studlybilly Member

    I'm just getting around to looking for somebody to prototype a case if anyone is interested. Looking for big power/rubber and preferably non-planetary.
  18. tonka tester

    tonka tester Active Member

    well, i would be able to help you as soon as 2 months...66" tires, 5 tons, 468bbc, 300hp nos kit :) and i abuse my toys :wink:
  19. Iron Man

    Iron Man New Member

    What kind of drop ? What kind of case ? pics ?
  20. adamsoffroad

    adamsoffroad Active Member

    The best setup is either double 80hd chain or triple 60hd chain. these 2 are MTRA certified to use in a monster truck. And these are way strong. These types are used in all kinds of equipment and are way over rated for this use. Double 80 is some serious chain. Plus chaindrives also don't rob power like a gear to gear box. alot less frictional loss and they are cheap and easy to build. There are quite a few pro mod mudboggers that run an overdrive to the front axle via a chain setup and puttin 4 digit hp to them using smaller chain than double 80. I think alot use double 60 for that.

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