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Chevy 4x4 for sale 2 for 1 , 1955 and a 1953

Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by J.Bradley, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. J.Bradley

    J.Bradley New Member

    1955 Chevy 4x4 for sale...350 that runs, all k5 blazer running gear. and also a 1953 Chevy split window for $3000. Want to sell as a pair , but will sell separately. They would make awesome toys or projects. Loxahatchee FL. You can reach me @ 561 248 1276 ask for George.
    [​IMG] 1955

    [​IMG] 1953
  2. porker in a yoda

    porker in a yoda New Member

    title for the55
  3. J.Bradley

    J.Bradley New Member

    I have the title.
  4. porker in a yoda

    porker in a yoda New Member

    what would it need to be dd how much cash for the55
  5. abharris

    abharris Active Member

    pm me deatails on the 55. how much cash also i may take te 53 also
  6. J.Bradley

    J.Bradley New Member

    I'll Take 1800 for the 55.
  7. Frankie

    Frankie Member

    trade for a 63 ford galaxie? its posted.
  8. hoghunter352

    hoghunter352 New Member

    hey can u send me some pics of the inside

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