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Chevrolet Truck 4 sale $700.00

Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by carmack, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. carmack

    carmack Member

    Cleaning up! It all has to go!

    $700.00 Chevy truck

    transfer case
    front and rear good
    headache rack
    body shot

    Lots more, call for all the info.
    Tim 352-279-7019
    (lot of other stuff for sale too .. 2 sammi's, pontoon boat, welder, trailer, v-treads ... all posted on here seperatly)

  2. hoghunter352

    hoghunter352 New Member

    how much for the welder??and lookin for any trades for the chevy???and does it have a tittle
  3. RANDY

    RANDY Member

    trade chevy for guns?
  4. b77dougan

    b77dougan Member

    pic of trailer
  5. what size and how much v-treads rims or not
  6. carmack

    carmack Member

    1500 for welder

    not interested in guns

    rims and tires together .. cant seperate ...2000 firm

    will work on trailer pics ....
  7. Country boy

    Country boy Member

    whats wrong with the chevy
  8. carmack

    carmack Member

    chevy is for parts only .. motor .. transmission .. transfer case .. etc
    the body is pretty rotted out.
  9. 95B2300

    95B2300 Member

    how much for samis...
    any pics of them??/
  10. b77dougan

    b77dougan Member

    how much for the trailer and send me pics please
  11. carmack

    carmack Member

  12. how much for the motor?? 8)
  13. carmack

    carmack Member

    $450.00 for motor .. strong
  14. carmack

    carmack Member

    still got it
  15. porker in a yoda

    porker in a yoda New Member

    how much for chevy motor
  16. roundman2

    roundman2 New Member

    pics of sammi's please and how much for them.
  17. does it run and drive the way it is sittin with a rotted body?
  18. carmack

    carmack Member

    Please call my husband Tim 352-279-7019 - He can give you all the info you need and answer all the questions you have. You can call anytime today, he's home.

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