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chain drive drop box

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Babymoot, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Babymoot

    Babymoot Member

    Anyone have any info or pics of some chain drive setups,old monster truck, sand or mud racers or whatever. I.m pretty set on what i'm gonna do but i just wanna see some setups or hear from some people who have actually tried it, not just read what someone did on buttpirate. I remember somewhere on here saying the High @ Tite jeep and blazer were chain drive. I did some searches and cant really find much. Now i'm gonna do something a little different and run a sprocket on the back of a 2wd th400 to the input of my divorced case directly under it. So i'm gonna acutally chain drive my tcase not get rid of the t case. In keeping the tcase i can still run high and low and 2wd/4wd with what ever ratio i want, plus theres no pillow block bearings to go bad like a normal chain drive with 2 shafts. Now obviously everything has to be inline perfectly and stay there, not really a problem b/c the frame cant flex with my subframe so i'm not worried about that. The thing i am worried about is coming outta the back of the th400, it might want to put down on the output and wear bearings out or even break a shaft or tailhousing. I've seen a couple of mud racer setups and there doing basically what i'm gonna do except the tranny goes straight thru to the back shaft and they chain drive the front shaft off of the tranny output. The couple i have seen didnt have anything to support the output of the tranny so maybe i am over thinking this. Anyone know if this could be a problem?

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