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44x18.5x15 Swamper TSLs on 15x18 Wheels

Discussion in 'Tires and Rims' started by NoPatienceRacing, May 4, 2011.

  1. Like it says i have a full set of 44"s with 90% on 3 and 60% on 1. The rims are 8x6.5" 15"x18" Chrome 8 hole steel wheels. I am switching my setup to a street truck and these ride alittle too rough for me. So i would trade for a street friendly 41" to 48" or sell outright for $1300. I am out of DeBary/Orange City, Fl and come meet up 30miles. I have pictures on my phone so just pm me your number and i'll shoot you some pics. Thanks
  2. wetterthebetter

    wetterthebetter Active Member

    ot some40 in ser radials 3 in good shape one has lots of inner wear for alignment being out but roll down road good
  3. Like to go alittle bigger then 40s. Send some pics if they are in good shape
  4. Prooutlaw

    Prooutlaw Member

    do u still have these? will u sell the tires alone?
  5. Abnormal 4x4

    Abnormal 4x4 Active Member

    if he buys tires, ill buy the wheels.. send pics 407-398-3283
  6. Sold, Sorry guys

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