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23.1x26 R2 tractor tires on rims 1500 cash

Discussion in 'Tires and Rims' started by Mat J, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Mat J

    Mat J Member

    Tires are in good shape to run on a buggy or mud truck. They have some cracking on the side walls but just cosmetic. Not show quality tires. They are on tractor rims.

    1500 cash bottom line [​IMG]
  2. Nick81

    Nick81 Member

  3. Mat J

    Mat J Member

    they are up
  4. brpf3504x4

    brpf3504x4 Member


    hey man I'm interested in the tractor tires. I'll have to measure the lug holes on my studs to see if they'll fit could I get you to measure yours?? thanks.
  5. ron chevy

    ron chevy New Member

    did you sell these yet?
    how tall are they?
  6. Mat J

    Mat J Member


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