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1999 Chevy 2500 (gas) 4x4

Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by lx504life, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. lx504life

    lx504life Member

    Traded for this truck earlier this year been using it to tow my boat but really more truck than I need. Truck runs good paint is decent on sides roof the clearcoat is gone and there's some dents here an there. Ice cold a/c hot heat. Truck has 161k miles haven't had any issues with it since I owned it. Looking to get $7000 or possible trades let me know what you have. I don't have to sell so if you don't like my price keep your comments to yourself. You can pm me here or text me 321-514-2551 no calls do to work.

    Sounds like power steering pump may be headed out Abs lights on and there's a noise from brake pedal area when you stop not sure what it is doesn't hinder braking or driving Tear in drivers seat 2 10" subs are blown that are under rear seat may pick up new set but doesn't bother me I unhooked them
    ***4x4 isnt working tried it the other day and wouldnt engage installed new actuator still nothing and havent had a chance to look at it further may be something simple.

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