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1994 MONSTER TRUCK 4 sale worth your time

Discussion in 'Mud Trucks/Monster Trucks' started by cone1@att.net, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. cone1@att.net

    cone1@att.net New Member

    Its a 1994 Short bed.
    Everything on this truck is BRAND NEW and EXTREMELY MODIFIED.
    The motor is a 552, 1000 Horsepower, Super Cobra Jet ( True roller motor ) 15 minutes of running time, NOWHERE NEAR BROKEN IN.
    The transmission is a 445 Allison, modified shift kit in valve body.
    The truck is coil springs 4-linked out, SCS Transfer Case 3 to 1, SCS Rear end Spoil wired ( True Possie ).
    The Front end is a U-Joint style.
    Tires are 18-4-26 Firestones. The rims are custom made deep dish with 5 holes in center. ( made from Jacksonville Custom Rims, Not your ordinary rims )
    Very nice roll cage, 5- point harness leather racing seats. Custom diamond plated dash, with all gage intact. VERY NICE
    PLUS I'LL EVEN THROW IN MY 32FT THREE AXLE 8 LUG BIG BALL TRAILER. ALL FOR $30,000 P.s. Just for the record, I almost have 20 GRAND in the MOTOR.
    Reach Me at 352-799-5509

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