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1976 Ford Bronco on 44's (107 pictures) $4,500

Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by GAM715, May 22, 2010.

  1. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    Located in Bogart, GA.
    1976 Ford Bronco.
    This truck was modified by the previous owner. He used the truck to play in the mud & as a daily driver. I would NOT drive the truck on the street with the current steering setup (although the PO did). The tires are 44's and the wheels are like new. .488 gears front & rear.
    The good: PS, PDB, C4, 351W.
    The only rust issues that I found are that the left & right front floor boards need to be replaced and the bed behind the seats needs a strip welded in (at the joint). There is also a rear fender brace that need to be replaced. This is about as rust free as an unrestored EB can get.
    The previous owner stated that the truck ran fine when the transmission puked. I was planning a total restoration so I purchsed the truck with out bolting on the starter & C4 to test the engine.
    The forward gas tank is missing.

    Here are links to 107 pictures. I placed a thin magnet all over the body and it stuck fine.


    I will trade this truck for a '76 or '77 Bronco that is in similar condition but without the big lift.
  2. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    Bump for the Sunday morning Bronco fans.
  3. missy mae

    missy mae Active Member

    trade for top kick check out my post under missy mae
  4. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    Nice truck. I'm not in need at the moment though/

  5. b.a.b mudd racing

    b.a.b mudd racing Active Member

    man that should be on scary steering.com
  6. 03impy

    03impy Member


    Get your Z today!
  7. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    Do you want to buy the Bronco or are you just fuckin up my ad for no reason? :roll:
  8. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    The ad says that the steering setup is not for street use. It would be fine for mudfuckery though.

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