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1975 gmc stepside 400 locked and lifted 4800

Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by sperkinsnwfl, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    75 stepside 400 sbc .10 over ,rv cam ,flat tops , roller rockers , estimated 400 hp never actually dynoed it but it will get er done , holley truck avenger carb , repaint and new front clip and doors back in 03 . full autometer gauges inside seat and dorr panels recovered with grey cloth . truck is 90% perfect i say 90 because theres a few details that need to be done all very minor . ][4800 COME GET IT
    also has a sm465 trans ,np205 t case 44 front w/ true trac locker, rear is gm 12bolt w/tru trac , sittin on 36" tsl's wrapped om 15x10 mickey thompson wheels . . this is a good friends truck that i helped him build started as a 750.00 beater and now has around 11k invested . will sell out right for obo or trade for a nice cj7 or tj
  2. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    almost forgot it has a painless wiring kit in it also so all the wiring is new and everything works has a custom headliner that has holes for speakers and a stereo , cowl induction hood with about a 3" rise . any questions just ask the truck is not near me at the moment but i could probably go get it if anyone wants more pics
  3. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    please no junk offers this is a turnkey truck get in crank drive to gas station fill up with premium drive 200 miles repeat :lol:
  4. hoghunter352

    hoghunter352 New Member

    bump for a nice ass truck..
  5. White Trash Racing

    White Trash Racing Active Member

    that is a sweet truck.
  6. Bigkountry

    Bigkountry New Member

    bump for nice truck
  7. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    thx guys we have a lot of time and$$ in this thing i wish he would keep it but he s got a bug in the ass for a damn jeep lol . i once ran with an 85 corvette with this truck was funny as hell the look on the vette drivers face when a old chevy on 36's was leaving his ass behind engine has maybe 15k on it since rebuilt ii forgot but it has 202 camelhump heads and will not run on regular its a premium ride will get 14mpg if you drive it nice
  8. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    did i mention its got long tube headers and flowmaster mufflers this thing runs like a brand new truck . has not been abused everything has been rebuilt except the tranny and tcase .

    MAKE OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    bump for the weekend crew
  10. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    6000 cash or trade bring the offers boys you can drive this truck home today
  11. cj7-377

    cj7-377 Member

    sent pm
  12. big wall on 44s

    big wall on 44s Active Member

  13. Lil' Wilson

    Lil' Wilson Active Member

    How much rust was or still is in the truck? Good looking truck. Gotta 1989 yella yota, might would trade. Posted under Lil'Wilson
  14. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    it had all the fenders and hood and doors replaced when it was repainted it does have a little rust popping back up in the door frames and i think the cowl near the firewall the body guy just did a shitty job killin all the rust its not bad yet but is worth noting . he also said the wood in the bed was rotting out but it has a shet of diamond plate aluminum back there anyways . before the paint and body work the fenders were rotted out as all old chevys do lol
  15. 388chevy

    388chevy Active Member

    My sig?
  16. Lil' Wilson

    Lil' Wilson Active Member

    10-4 Thanks, did you look at the yota under Lil'Wilson? (((4 TRADE)))))
  17. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    sorry lil wilson my buddy is not a yota fan like me lol . i do have a couple vehicles id trade you for it how bout my sammi and a 93 explorer 4wd
  18. sperkinsnwfl

    sperkinsnwfl Member

    anyone else have an offer , cj7 i pmed ya ill call you monday . anyone closer than tennessee have a nice jeep to trade . if this truck were mine i'd never trade it for a jeep but my buddy wants a damn jeep lol
  19. Lil Red 02

    Lil Red 02 Active Member

    bump for a sweet chevy
  20. YoTa Mike

    YoTa Mike Member

    Trade a subaru?

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