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Discussion in 'Other Trucks and vehicles' started by VooDoo, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

    3000.00$ 4 BRAND NEW Super Swamper 15x42x15 6 lug on eagle alloy wheels. Buy the wheels and tires and ill throw in the body, motor tranny tf case,front end,rear end. 13 in. lift,shocks ,steering, drive shafts,new 1000.00$ soft top and1/4 tank of gas. Death in fam. forces sale. no jewing or trades. 386-931-8242

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  2. DAVE08

    DAVE08 Member

  3. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member


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  4. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

  5. 94Jeep

    94Jeep New Member

    how much do u want
  6. big92yota

    big92yota Member

    how much you asking? 1000? or was that how much the top was?
  7. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

    thats what the top cost. askn 3k tires was 1800 wheels was 800 gave 55 for truck stock 2 yrs ago when things was good
  8. N 2 DEEP

    N 2 DEEP Member

    bump for a great guy and saw this blazer at the aug bogg in bunnell and it runs great just needs cosmetics(littlt body work)

    NETIME Member

    need pics. does it have a/c,power windows/locks,350? any rust. tranny?
  10. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    How about more pics please?
    How is the rust situation?
    How are the rockers and rocker boxes? Door? Floor? Fenders? Rear 1/4 panels? Tailgate?
    What motor, tranny, T case, front end, rear end?
  11. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

  12. djsoil

    djsoil Member

    Post up some pics of the cancer. I sold my 74 k5 in December and regret it...so I'm looking for another 73-75 k5.
  13. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

  14. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

  15. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

  16. trade ya a 99 suburban
  17. swamper42

    swamper42 New Member

    cool truck ive seen it
  18. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

  19. VooDoo

    VooDoo Member

  20. GAM715

    GAM715 New Member

    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

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