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1970 Chevrolet Mud truck now parting out

Discussion in 'Mud Trucks/Monster Trucks' started by Sprint 17, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    1970 Chevrolet SWB ( not street legal)14 Bolt locker rear,dana 44 front all 3/4 ton with 4.56 gears spool in front, Hedman Headers,dual flowmaster exhaust,new gas tank,warn hubs,383 small block chevy(approx 500 hp) eagle rotating assembly,Wiseco pistons ( 110 octane fuel req),TCI rattler,melling,World Product 220 ported heads,manley valves,victor jr intake, Comp cam valve train,Edelbrock gear drive,MSD,Holley 770 Avenger. The truck has 39.5 x 16.5 Boggers on 14 inch Weld Aluminum 8 lug rims.The truck has a 4 speed now ,but I have the flex plate ready for automatic. Too many hobbies & no work. call Bruce 904-525-2205- Leave message or sprint1717@aol.com. Will trade up or down/ Or will sell Motor for $4500,Front and rears for $1250, Tires and wheels $1500,Body and frame go last. I may still use them. Or buy the whole truck for $6000
  2. johnnie5

    johnnie5 Active Member

  3. THEJEEP99

    THEJEEP99 Active Member

    price and pics
  4. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    Ok I should get pics up tomorrow

    SWAMP-RAT Active Member

    PICS PLEASE !!!~!!!
  6. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

  7. YotaRidinHigh

    YotaRidinHigh Member

    guys this truck is really bad ass! bump
  8. gmcz71502

    gmcz71502 New Member

    why not street legal? title?
  9. chevyDuramax

    chevyDuramax New Member

    any trades?
  10. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    It has a title, but no lights blinkers etc and interior stripped to 2 bucket seats and it has a tach,msd,and switches. Intake to air breather is piped into firewall. It has dual pipe bumper rear and only change I planned was an automatic which I have the brand new flex plate balanced to the motor. Can't really trade because we need $$ to replace race car trailer. My season starts in a few weeks
  11. NeoGeo

    NeoGeo New Member

    too purdy to take in the mud
  12. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    Its not that purdy up close. It has some rust,but not structural, the hood is dented ( the day before i picked it up). I also have a brand new bowtie for a new hood and a brand new steering box that I wanted to put in when I lifted it more for 44's. jusyt had reality check- can't afford more than one hobby.
  13. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    more pics today

    More pics coming and I may have found an automatic and tranfer case for low $$$ to put with it.
  14. NeoGeo

    NeoGeo New Member

    YotaRidinHigh lmao get a lift fat chicks cant jump ..too damn funny
  15. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

  16. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    more pictures

    I have more pictures once I figure how to put on here. I am lowering the price to $6000 or best offer.
  17. Joe_s

    Joe_s Member

    got brand new 0520 continintel will trade let me know ill send you some pics
  18. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    Sorry, I need the money to put down onmy new race car trailer
  19. rebel09

    rebel09 Member

    did this truck used forest blvd
  20. Sprint 17

    Sprint 17 Member

    No- I bought this truck in South Florida, but it is in Jacksonville

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